Connemara Wool: Sourced, Processed and Spun in Ireland | Olann Chonamara: Faightear, próiseáiltear agus déantar é a shníomh in Éirinn.

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'Irish Wool'

Did you know that not all Irish wool is made from Irish sheep fleece? In most cases 'Irish Wool' is not made from Irish sheep's fleece at all but from sheep located around the world. I once heard the owner of a mill state that the reason for the lack of authentic Irish wool on the market was due to "consumer preference". I would argue that this "consumer preference" is changing, with more and more people realising the impact of their consumption habits on our planet. 

What about Sustainability?


Customers are increasingly aware of the origins of their textiles. What they are made from, how they are made and where they are made. Connemara Wool believes that transparent supply chains are crucial in operating a sustainable business. Unlike some textile manufacturers we have nothing to hide from our customers. No murky supply chains, questionable labour practices or vague origin label here!

Our Irish wool is sourced from a flock of Cheviot sheep in Wexford, Ireland, processed and spun in a historical Irish mill in Donegal, Ireland and hand knit or hand woven in our studio in Galway, Ireland. That's a journey length of 604 km total, as opposed to the typical 'Irish wool' on the market that has around 16,000km. For some select items the travel distance is even smaller. Our Owenriff River Rug uses hand processed fleece that is sourced from a farm in East Galway, Ireland. The kilometres traveled for that wool is only 45 kilometres. 

Besides the carbon footprint of transporting the fleece and yarn, there is also the added component of fair labour practice. Connemara Wool uses a principal of fair pricing. That means we pay above market price for our fleece. In most cases with shearing an Irish farmer breaks even, that means they have no profit from their sheep's fleece. We purchase our fleeces at a higher price to ensure that the farmer makes a profit - after all they are selling a perfectly reasonable, useful and sustainable product! 

Connemara Wool's Difference

We are committed to providing sustainable textiles in order to mitigate climate change. We do this through taking a holistic look at our practices and products in order to ensure we are making the best choices. While those choices might be more expensive, more effort and more time they are worth it in order to ensure that we are doing everything we can as a small business to commit to sustainability. If you ever have any questions about the origins and climate impact for a certain piece or product, chat with us and we are more than happy to provide that information. 

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