Does Connemara Wool have a physical shop?

No, At this time Connemara Wool does not have a physical shop and operates as an e-commerce store, through markets and third party shops. 

How fast will my order arrive? 

As per our Shipping Policy, we endeavor to have your order dispatched within 10 business days of ordering. For custom orders this might take longer. We will communicate directly with you if your order is custom on the expected time frame for delivery. 

How do I decide what size to order? 

Have a look at our Inclusive Sizing Policy and Size Chart. Our inclusive sizing policy means we have a varied amount of sizes and our sizing for garments is based upon chest measurements. Should you have any problems with deciding what size to order please contact us. 

What is your sustainability policy? 

Connemara Wool commits to operating with a low-carbon footprint. By nature of creating our textiles by hand electricity is not used and the electricity for our studio is 100% renewable energy. We also embrace a philosophy of re-use within our company. Have a look at Our Sustainability practices here.

How do I contact you if I have any problems?

Connemara Wool can be contacted through email: