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Connemara Wool supplies heirloom quality textiles with a guilt free guarantee. 

Megan Maria Ayers of Connemara Wool with Knit Scarf

Founder Megan Maria Ayers

Our Purpose

Connemara Wool is run by Megan Maria Ayers, a queer and Afro-Indigenous (Saponi-Catawba Nation) migrant woman living in the Connemara Gaeltacht. She has years of experience along with a family legacy of textile production. Connemara Wool brings traditional methods with a modern view on sustainability and believes that locally sourced, low-impact textile production is not only a necessity but an opportunity. Connemara Wool seeks to transform the production of textiles to mitigate climate change, contribute to racial and economic equity and improve the health of production chains within Connemara and Ireland.


What does Sustainable fashion mean to us? It means a textile system that is de-colonized and equitable. Sustainable fashion recognises diverse textile communities and enhances regional economies and local employment. 

Connemara Wool empowers our customers to see the connection between field, fibre and product where textiles are grown not only made. We seek to rapidly mitigate the effects of climate change where we collectively reevaluate the lifecycle of garments and choose textiles that benefit us all. 

Fair Production

Connemara Wool operates with a commitment to transparent supply chains. This allows an assurance of fair treatment of animals, farmers, mill workers and textile producers. Connemara Wool commits to fair and equal pay in order to ensure everyone working across our supply chain has a livelihood. We commit to paying every worker in our supply chain above minimum wage. Importantly, this includes our sheep farmer partners with whom we build lasting relationships and pay above market price for fleece. 

Irish Language

Connemara Wool acknowledges the importance of the Irish Language in the Connemara Gaeltacht. Connemara Wool commits to a Language Code of Conduct in order to respect the culture, identity and language of Connemara Culture. This Code of Conduct includes the following: 

  1. Commitment to engage with the Irish Language daily
  2. Commitment to providing accessible services and products in the Irish Language
  3. Commitment to prioritising local employment and local relationship building
  4. Commitment to avoiding misappropriation of Irish culture and maintain respect for the traditions of our local area